Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How-To Glitter Accent Nail Tutorial

by now every has seen a pin on Pinterest showing a glitter accent nail. the thing that makes that accent nail so appealing is that it is pure glitter, not just a glitter polish but pure, actual, glitter. the nail polish equivalent to gold plated jewelry vs. solid gold jewelry. we always opt for solid gold.

this gold glitter accent nail looks amazing with the new Essie spring polish Madison Ave-Hue. the Essie spring polish line has me drooling with gorgeous pinks, purples and the perfect shades to mix and match. i've been obsessively the collection since it arrived and i love how well it coordinates with my spring wardrobe.

well played, Essie.

getting this glitter gold accent nails is easier than ever. all you need is a pot of craft glitter which tends to be finer grained than your standard run-of-the-mill glitter, and your polish of choice. paint your nails, dip your nail into the glitter pot and let dry. finish with a topcoat to 'set' glitter and enjoy!


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