Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Essie Summer Collection: Naughty Nauticals

there's something about a nail polish collection that i find extremely beautiful and the Essie Summer Collection: Naughty Nauticals was no exception. perhaps it is the cohesiveness of the colors, the bright candy colored bottles that offer something much sweeter than candy or the promise of being on trend without breaking the bank. whatever it is, Naughty Nauticals brightened up my nails, and my summer.

the collection is designed for women 'in a sunshine state of mind' and that is exactly where i want to be. with color's such as: the more the merrier, sunday funday, the girls are out, rock the boat, full steam ahead and of course, naughty nautical, that sunshine state of mind is definitely evident.

each time i polish i seem to find a new love in the collection. i thought i couldn't get enough of 'full steam ahead' until i put 'naughty nautical' on my nails this afternoon. looks like i've found a new favorite. 

the collection

sunday funday makes the best pedi color

full steam ahead



  1. I love Sunday Funday! These shades all look so juicy!

  2. I've been lusting after a good lavender color for months now and I think full steam ahead will definitely fit the bill. Thanks for the review.