Thursday, July 18, 2013

AVON Introduces New Color

AVON calling.

coming soon to AVON are some new and exciting products, most notably the Mega Effects mascara written about here. new colors, new formulations and new ideas will soon be available for you to try.

the Mega Effects mascara has made such a wave primarily because of its new design. rather than the typical wand based application technique they have developed the 'Wonderbrush' that bends and adjusts to multiple angles fitting the natural shape of your lashes and coating them evenly. i had the chance last month to visit with some beauty bloggers in NYC and we discussed the upcoming release of the newly designed mascara. some thought it was all hype, smoke and mirrors, but according to one beauty blogger who has reviewed over 200 mascaras, this was the real deal. after having tried it myself i would definitely agree.

eyeshadow is a tough one to win me over on. when it comes to mascaras, lipsticks and liners i am a fair weather fan. however eyeshadow, foundation and concealers i am definitely preferential to certain brands and while those brands may be the 'cool kids' in town - there's a reason for that. they're pretty awesome. however, the new eyeshadows apply smoothly with good color payoff and little fall out making them a great option for those in the market for a good product at a very reasonable price.

the lipstick and gloss didn't blow me away, but without having tried them in my colors of choice i haven't completely discounted them either. i'll definitely be willing to give them another shot in new shades.

new eyeshadow
the Wonderbrush

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  1. I am really warming up to this mascara - and my lashes are hard to please! There is a learning curve to applying it for sure, but I'm getting there. I love your photographic creativity!