Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach Care Clean Routine [Sponsored Post]

this week the Blushing Basics household decided to take a summer vacation to the Oregon Coast. with warm sandy beaches and cool summer winds beckoning - who can resist? i'll admit that as a beauty blogger, one of my first thoughts when planning a vacation is what products i will bring along for my beauty and clean routine. beach vacations are particularly tricky because you want makeup but you don't want to look too made up and you want to be clean on the beach which ends up being a never ending battle between you and the sand.

my solution? a well organized bag of beauty products and my Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes.

after spending a long day soaking up the sun and searching for sand dollars and sea shells the family and i head back to the beach house for a quick clean up. the quaint vanity in the guest room is the perfect location to set out my thoughtfully planned beauty products - dry shampoo, makeup essentials, face wash/lotion/toner & my wet cloth dispenser.

keeping my products located all in one place keeps our family running like a well-oiled machine. everybody rinsed, wiped and changed for a quick turnaround to head out to the boardwalk for more fun. (i like to call that my #cottonelleroutine) we packed ourselves into a surrey for some sweet cruising around the beachside town.

but i'll admit, sometimes preparing for a family vacation is just as fun as taking the vacation (check out my Google + album highlighting the shopping trip here). prior to leaving town we hit up a family favorite - Target - for all of our vacation needs. there's something so satisfying with filling up the cart with items designated for vacation fun. included in that were also a few necessities like food, treats and clean routine items like our wet and dry Cottonelle products (let's be honest, you can't spend a week at a beach house without a good supply of t.p.).

before and after Target shopping cart
making off with our Target goods - vacation ready
so far this vacation - and our clean routine - has been a success. there are few things in life better than family, beach and lots of sun.


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  1. looks like you had a wonderful family vacation on the beach. :) I think the Cottonelle moist wipes are perfect taking with you on the road.