Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Skincare Questions Answered

i was recently offered the chance by RoC Skincare to interview Dermatologist Dr. Gilbert and ask her the skincare questions that everyone wants to know. read below for her insightful answers:

Questions for Anti-Aging

What product do you recommend as being the most effective in treating aging skin?

Retinols are always my first suggestion in crafting an anti-aging regimen for my patients. They reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation while increasing the rate of skin cell turnover which creates a glow over time. I find the RoC® retinol products to be nearly as effective, in my experience, as prescription strength retinol.

What skin care regimen would you suggest women 30+ years old follow?

The most important first step is incorporating a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher into your daily regimen rain or shine. I apply mine over my moisturizer in the morning. Protecting your skin from UV rays makes an enormous impact over time and if started early it protects you against skin cancer as well as the damaging rays of the sun. I also suggest using anti-oxidant serums to complement sunscreen use. We are bombarded with oxidative stress in our environment and serums that contain stable anti-oxidants like vitamin C, E and resveratrol can combat these stressors and protect the skin to an extent. Eye creams are also a good addition at this stage as the moisturizing effect reduces the appearance of early crow's feet!

What can women do to prevent fine lines/wrinkles/sun damage?

See above. Although it is a challenge particularly during the summer months, staying protected from direct sun is important. Wearing protective clothing like a hat and longer sleeves helps! Even a T shirt provides you with an SPF 15. One creative and cool way to protect your chest arms and shoulders while at the beach is to find a hip surfing long-sleeved rash guard to wear over your swimsuit. This can provide an SPF of up to 50. I also keep a spray sunscreen in my car to use on often neglected areas like my hands forearms and chest. Whenever I feel that I am getting sun I just spray it on.

What treatments would you recommend?

Chemical peels are an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of the skin and can be selected to address nearly any level of concern from acne to mild dullness to severe sun damage on the face/hands or body. Laser treatments can also be extremely effective (fraxel Dual/Sciton DDL) in removing pigment and tightening the skin. The key is to prevent as much damage as possible before it requires correction.

What skin regimen do you follow?

I wash my face with a simple cleanser from Neutrogena Naturals that removes makeup and dirt with my hands to avoid traumatizing the skin. I then use either Skinceuticals AGE Eye or Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream. I follow this with the prescription strength retinol Atralin. There's more! Over this I apply Skinceuticals Phloretin CF gel (an antioxiant gel). Then comes the SPF! Skinceuticals Physical Fusion (a tinted zinc and titanium based SPF) that goes on like a tinted moisturizer so I don't need to wear makeup. A little bronzer and mascara and I'm ready to go!

People also waste tremendous amounts of money on the wrong products at the cosmetic counters where they are sold creams and potions that are expensive and useless. I suggest getting the advice of a board certified dermatologist.


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