Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trending August

Trending August

Trending August by blushingbasics featuring Michael Kors

this month's trending post features some of my current faves and obsessions. i like to think that as people our styles and tastes evolve. whether that evolution comes about because of age, income, or lifestyle changes, it is bound to happen. perhaps my recent evolution is due to all three! regardless, let me share what i am loving right now:
  • J.Crew - their chambray shirts beckon to me like peanut butter to jelly, a duo that should never be separated. i just can't quit the denim trend and thankfully it is still hot. J.Crew pencil skirts are a classic that will never be trending but just perpetually in. i tried to add a little spice to my life by going for a bright yellow hue. Spice Girls had it right when they said 'Spice up your life!'.
  • - sure i may be the beauty blogger for but their message and products appeal to me beyond the boundaries of our blogging agreement. with products that help support human rights, education and environmental sustainability i can't help but be on board. these repurposed bullet casing earrings always get noticed and i love the pop of turquoise. (a little unabashed self promotion - check out my latest post for them here)
  • Tangle Teezer - this is one of those products where you use it and wonder 'Where has this been all of my life?!'. seriously it is that amazing. it brushes your hair without pulling or damaging the hair and removes tangles with ease. i use it on my daughters who without fail cry 'ouch!' every time a brush comes near their head. however, the Tangle Teezer manages their mess without so much as a whimper. when i say you must try this product, i mean it. in fact, this product deserves its own post. #staytuned
  • Laura Mercier Dark Spell Collection - the new Dark Spell Collection for fall is not only a show stopper but its Face Illuminator deserves to be put on a pedestal. it is one of those products that is almost too gorgeous to touch but you have to because it is even more gorgeous once applied. can't get enough shimmer. can't stop won't stop.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - the color applies so smooth and is one of the best long lasting lipglosses i have EVER used. what is so amazing about this is that this product isn't touted as a long wear lipgloss, and yet this gloss lasts hours longer than any long wear gloss i have tried. worth every penny of its $3.50 price tag.


  1. I love J.Crew chambray! And te Laura Mercier Face Illuminator sounds amazing! I love the outfit you put together here!

  2. Great and stylish set, Kristie! I'm lovin' it all.