Monday, September 16, 2013

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Review

I have to admit that I’m “two faced” when it comes to eyeshadow. I can rave endlessly about a palette and shadow and absolutely adore it yet instantly buy more. Obviously it’s an obsession but not one I’m ashamed of since I’m putting it out here. The Boudoir Eyes palette from Too Faced fits well into my obsession. Especially when it’s loaded with neutrals that have a kick.

I bought Boudoir Eyes online and wasn’t 100%  sure what I’d end up with but with Too Faced’s reputation I knew I couldn’t go too wrong. And I didn’t. This is a great palette that I’m happy to have. I’ve created a few eye looks that I love with these shadows. 

There are 9 shadows in the palette and the rows are labeled into 3 looks: Day, Classic and Fashion. They say “3 steps, 3 looks, 3 minutes”. Nothing takes me 3 minutes and I don’t consider these to be 3 minute looks. I also don’t use the shadows in their “looks” because I prefer to mix and match them. The shadows all coordinate well with every other in the palette. You could almost just pick a shadow to start with, stick a brush blindly into another and have a great look.


As you can see from the picture each look starts with a larger shadow and then has two coordinating shadows. Of the shadows in the palette I love 5 of them, like 2 of them and 2 I could do without. Too Faced says that 5 of the shades in the palette are new to this collection – I don’t know enough about the brand though to know which ones.


DAY LOOK contains In the Buff, Fuzzy Handcuffs and Voulez-Vous. In the Buff is as it sounds, a creamy champagne matte that isn’t bright but displays an almost nude (but better) look on your eye. Even though In the Buff is a matte it applies very smoothly. Fuzzy Handcuffs is a matte beige with a touch of peach. This unfortunately is one I could do without. I had to pack it on to get it to show (and I tried different eyeshadow primers). I liked it fine then but it faded away within 6 hours. Voulez-Vous is a nice dark chocolate that is satiny and rich.


CLASSIC LOOK contains Satin Sheets, Sugar Walls, Garter Belt. Satin Sheets looks more pink in the pan than it does on my eyes, it’s a beautiful shade for me. It’s a pink eyeshadow but not rabbit eye pink, it has an iridescence that makes it a great brow/highlighting shade. Sugar Walls is a beautiful taupe with a slight pink undertone but it’s very sparkly once used. It doesn’t look sparkly so it shocked me greatly to find sparkles all over my face with it. The best way to avoid this is to pat it on over a tacky primer and don’t rub it at all. Garter Belt is the other matte shadow in the palette. I admit I’m not much of a matte girl but I found this to be dull as can be. It’s a grey taupe. It totally faded away when I wore it leaving my eyes look dull and not classic.


FASHION LOOK contains Birthday Suit, Lap Dance, French Tickler. With names like this it’s a good thing the palette isn’t called OFFICE EYES even though there’s no reason not to wear these shadows to the office. Birthday Suit is a champagne beige that is very much like my birthday suit. It also has that subtle iridescence that Satin Sheets has. Lap Dance is my absolute favorite shade in this. It’s a taupe with a slight silver undertone. I could wear this shadow every single day and probably not get tired ot it. French Tickler is a sparkly black brown. It has obviously glitter in it when you look at it in the tin but when I wear it I haven’t found it to be glittery. I’m very careful with it though because the color is so intense. I put the tiniest bit on my brush so that I don’t overwhelm my eyes.

Here’s what I especially like about the palette:
  1. The metal case is great. It’s sturdy, it’s travel friendly and it’s cute. If I were really looking for Boudoir Eyes it’s small enough to throw in a purse for an overnight.
  2. As I said before I love Lap Dance but I’m also very happy with all 3 of the larger shades and Voulez-Vous. I like Sugar Walls and French Tickler but I’m a little wary with these two.
  3. The smoothness and pigmentation of these shadows is excellent. I haven’t bought Too Faced in a long time but this makes me want to go buy more. Other than the 2 mattes they blend so well.
  4. There’s no shade that I wouldn’t wear in the palette. Yes I’d change two of them but I’d still wear them.

If I rave about a different eyeshadow palette in a week or so it doesn’t mean that I’m Two Faced – it just means I’m crazy. Just like I’m crazy about Too Faced Boudoir Eyes.

This guest post was done by Marcia from Beauty Info Zone 
While Marcia loves all things beauty and has been writing reviews for over 12 years, her main passion is eye makeup.

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  1. This palette is gorgeous, and I love that so many Too Faced products come with instructions. They're always so helpful! Thank you so Marcia for the post!