Tuesday, November 19, 2013

KuKee & Hello Kitty Let's Play DRESS UP

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and KuKee, but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #hellokittyletsplay http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

my little miss celebrated a birthday last week and to kick off the celebration we headed to Macy's where we picked up some new clothes. my daughter is a devoted Hello Kitty fan so the Evy of California's new Hello Kitty Let's Play DRESS UP clothing line at Macy's was an easy choice. the clothes are adorable peplum tops, fluffy skirts and great knit dresses with faux fur, sparkles and gemstones mixed in. everything that a girl would love! what makes this line unique is that one: the clothing comes with removable 'clothes' that you can add to the shirt, essentially playing dress-up on the clothes you are wearing. the second unique thing about this line is the integration of the new KuKee app.

what is KuKee? KuKee is an augmented virtual reality app that is being shared and distributed via the Hello Kitty Let's Play DRESS UP clothing line at Macy's. the app is free and once you download it to your phone you can scan the cloth tag/markers on the garment and the Hello Kitty Dress Up experience begins. you can dress up Hello Kitty in different garments, crowns and accessories, take a picture and share it with friends.

clothing that combines two of my daughter's favorite things: Hello Kitty and an easy to use App. a complete win.

while shopping for the clothes i also signed up for a Macy's card. my sister has been telling me for ages that i needed a card so that i could get the amazing deals she has been getting on clothes for her kids. you don't need to twist my arm, deals and clothes is an easy sell for me. i received an additional 40% off my purchase just for opening the card and i am anxiously waiting the great deals that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sure to have. i mean, the clothes are such a hit it only makes sense to pick up the rest of the collection for holiday gifts, right?!

we had our own little session of dress up and my cutie loved playing model in the new clothes she recently received. she has been wearing a new shirt each day and you can find her enjoying breakfast and an app before school each morning.

you can use this marker to get started with the KuKee Scavenger Hunt. check it out on the app below:

check out this info graphic below to see how easy the app is!


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