Friday, January 10, 2014

Fashion Friday FabKids

you may have remembered last month when my little Ollie was featured in the FabKids Holiday Giveaway. this month my three cuties are showing off the latest wardrobe picks from FabKids - the awesome subscription service where you can easily pick up trendy, cute coordinating outfits for your kiddos and they'll be delivered to your door in a jif!

my girls are killin' it in their daisy tops with adorable sequin and lace accents. the skirts are a tiered skirt with striped denim. the finishing touch is the navy blue tights included with the outfit, did i mention these come as a complete set?! skirt, shirt and tights all for one price.

Co-man is sharp in his plaid top with chambray accented pockets. the denim pants are great quality and two pairs of stylish socks completed his outfit.

three adorable kids, one quick place to shop. check out more information on FabKids here.



  1. Kristie ~~
    These Three are Too Cute for Words !!
    Bless You All !!! Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Love Fabkids for my twins boys .. the outfits are wonderful and I love that I can mix and match them !