Friday, March 28, 2014

What To Pack For Vacation

spring break. that glorious week that comes around every spring with the promise of sunshine, fun, swimsuits and play. whether you are going one hour to a hotel or 10 hours to the beach, spring break travel needs are serious needs.

why is it that we will invest copious amounts of money on beauty products, only to pack our carry-on with the least amount of liquids possible thanks to TSA regulations. even without the regulations, our tendency is skimp when it comes to products. we're thinking simpler is better.

well, simpler is simpler, not better.

traveling for hours in a car or plane will leave your skin dry and irritated. compound that with the new activities that traveling brings: swimming, hiking, soaking up some sun. basically, during the time that your body needs the most TLC the tendency is to neglect it.

my first piece of advice - pack your toiletries. don't just rely on the one ounce body wash/shampoo/facewash that is provided, think ahead and bring REAL products. some of my favorite brands have travel friendly sizes of everything you could need.

hair needs: drybar offers a great travel pack equipped with the hair essentials. shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and mousse are all included and bottled in TSA friendly sizes. quality products just waiting to be packed.

skin care: pick yourself up a sample size of your favorite face wash. RéVive cleanser is gentle and effective for sensitive 'travel' skin. keep your eyes open for Sephora Bonus Point offers, you can usually get a generous sample size of your favorite product.

shaving: smooth legs are sexy legs but packing your razor can be messy and cumbersome. Venus Snap is a new release from Venus and it is perfectly sized for travel and comes with a travel case to make it a breeze to pack.

deodorant: Secret Clinical Strength is my favorite and it is also perfectly sized for packing in a makeup back. 'nuff said.

my last piece of advice is to save your samples! i keep a bin in my cupboard that is filled with samples. rather than throwing away those foil squares, hang onto them and throw them in your bag. i can typically find the perfect size sample for my travel needs, whether it is 2 days or 2 weeks.

for tips on what to pack in your makeup travel kit, click here. it is a great post filled with my favorite makeup travel items, as well as some great tips in the comments section.


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