Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial & Eva Styling Iron Review

i was recently approached by the company Gloss48 is a website that features new beauty products daily. these beauty products will be on a promotional basis for 7 days allowing you to get great deals on beauty products. additionally they keep their favorite products in a permanent collection allowing you to shop them without expiration.

Gloss48 sent me the Eva NYC styling iron to try out and share with you guys. so, it is ceramic styling iron that has floating plates and a heat setting that goes up to 450 degrees. if you were to come to me and ask me for advice on what to look for in a styling iron, that would be it right there. typically those particularly features (high heat, ceramic, floating plates) will cost you around $100. you can pick up the Eva NYC styling iron for only $44. that's a pretty sweet deal, right?

Eva NYC is a line of professional styling tools that work to give you style without compromising the health of your hair. Gloss 48 will be featuring Eva NYC styling tools, argan-infused combs and paddle brushes beginning today.

below is a Beach Wave tutorial i put together using my one inch styling iron. i hate to call it a straightener because it is so much more than that. it can straighten, it can curl, it can create volume it can create waves. follow the tutorial below to create some simple, loose, beachy waves.


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