Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day Two Hair With Drybar Detox

day two hair. day two hair is the equivalent of day old pasta salad - still delicious but given that extra day to marinate makes it even tastier. going a day or two without washing gives your hair some extra grit and helps you pull off that bedhead, no-fuss hair even even easier. the key to day two hair? good hair products. whether you have a tendency to be oily or not, dry shampoo is the key to good second day hair.

why do you need dry shampoo? because not only does it absorb extra oil from your scalp it provides texture, volume and acts as the best perfume for your hair. forget that musty, slept on scent. freshen it up with some dry shampoo. flat, lifeless hair is given some extra oomph with dry shampoo. stringy, oily hair is dried and texturized thanks to dry shampoo. please, do yourself a favor and invest in some.

below is the dry shampoo picked up from Drybar. it has the most amazing scent you have smelled for haircare, not too overpowering but strong enough to freshen hair with just a few spritzes. Detox Dry Shampoo works like a dream and paired with High Tops (Drybar's velcro rollers) you've got yourself a prize fighting duo.


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