Monday, November 10, 2014

Dove Who Do You #FeelBeautifulFor? Giveaway

this post is sponsored by Dove at Walmart and Lunchbox. all opinions expressed are my own.

as a mother i have many goals for my children. i want them to be loved, protected and to feel their self worth. i take these responsibilities as a parent very seriously. my children are my most precious possessions and i would do anything for them.

being a mother to girls is not easy in today's world. with a media that tells us how girls should behave, look and feel they are raised with so many mixed messages. what do i want for my girls? i want them to value themselves. i want them to know that no matter your age, size or color, you are beautiful. you can be strong, smart, successful and be female. you can achieve any goal you have. the purpose of this blog is to empower women to embrace their beauty and be the best they can be. it is not to say you have to look a certain way or dress a certain way. while i enjoy the beautiful things of the world they are not MY world. my world is my faith, my family and my relationships.

feelings of beauty are made, not born. the feelings girls have about how they look starts with those closest to them. i want to help the next generation feel beautiful and pass on beauty confidence.

Dove has created a new campaign that asks Who do you #FeelBeautifulFor? you can find out more about it HERE. to help promote this campaign of beauty for our next generation, Dove is sponsoring a giveaway.

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i feel beautiful for my daughters. who do you #FeelBeautifulFor? simply tweet your answer through the widget below and be entered to win 2 $25 Spa Week gift cards. if you do it for nothing else, let it be for promoting feelings of beauty in our next generation! 


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