Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday - A Look At My Week

this last week was a busy one and i wanted to share some of my life with you. to start the week i fell in love with these Rejuva Health socks. they are fashionable compression stockings and socks and you may be thinking - do i need these in my life? well if you do any sort of traveling, standing (or sitting) for long periods then yes, you do. these made my Sunday a little more comfortable. if you follow me on Instagram you know that this coat and purse have been on repeat. a full outfit of love.

the kiddos just started piano lessons this year and participated in their first ever Ribbon Festival. the two oldest knocked it out of the park with their solos and did great with their theory testing and ear skills. little miss was especially amazing with her arpeggios. i just love hearing her say the word arpeggio. thank goodness for my Fabkids dresses. this monthly subscription brings the cutest outfits to our homes and at least once a month we have a need to dress up and i can't tell you how much easier it makes my life to have adorable outfits delivered to my door so that their dress up options are always easy.

this Indian Summer we were experiencing offered one last Saturday of 68 degree weather. that kind of weather in November is unheard of! naturally we put up Christmas lights and so glad we did. it snowed today!

big brother celebrated a birthday and we took the family and some friends to a local climbing gym for some rock climbing. the kids did amazing and i was so impressed with their bravery. i love being a mom and having the opportunity to create these memories with my children.

last but not least, these beauties showed up in the mail. my winter boot needs are nearly complete. a new pair of booties, i already picked up some knee highs and now i am on the hunt for over-the-knee. if you know of any good options for petites, please let me know!


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