Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Jewelry Giveaway

a big thanks to Jewelry Television for sponsoring this delicious Holiday Giveaway! we have family in town and naturally we stopped for our first cider of the season to get our holidays off to the best start. what kind of jewelry goes with the holidays? a better question would be what jewelry doesn't?

'tis the season for dressing up and being sparkly so today i am sharing my favorite picks from the Jewelry Television website. in addition to that you can ENTER TO WIN my favorite bracelet selection!

pictured above is the Stratify 71.98ctw Black Spinel 18K yellow gold bracelet. i love how warm this bracelet is and it pairs perfectly with winter colors. the combination of black and gold is a favorite of mine and i have a thousand outfits i am looking forward to wearing this with. (i also have a tendency for exaggeration, consider yourself warned!)

wether it is a warm gold bracelet, some cool stacked rings or some gemstone'd lined hoops you can find all of these things on the Jewelry Television website. head down to the rafflecopter below and enter for your chance to win your own Stratify 71.98ctw Black Spinel 18K yellow gold bracelet.

i hope all your holiday wishes are coming true! good luck in the giveaway.


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