Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mom Time : Beauty, Style & Life As A Mom

i love being a mom. i was one of those people who swore they would never have children. i didn't have much of a maternal instinct, i didn't have any maternal desire and to be honest i didn't think my body could handle it. then i had my first child and my life changed. i loved having one child but i swore i wouldn't have another. then i had my second and my life changed again. i loved having two children - my first was a handful and my second was a breeze and i thought, i can handle this parenting thing. then i had a third and i may as well have been drowning with two kids and someone handed me a third. i wasn't ready for my preemie in more ways than one!

with that being said i love being a mom and i love sharing typical but precious moments with them. how lucky am i to have an amazing photographer as a friend who could capture these moments for us. but let's be real, being a mom often doesn't involve a full face of makeup, hair done everyday and outfits perfectly pieced together. we usually save that for the weekend, right?!

for today's posts i wanted to share some of my favorite mom beauty tips, starting with hair. my friends ask me how i find time to style my hair everyday? i don't. my trick is that i just don't wash it. that may sound gross but washing and styling everyday can strip your hair of natural oils and actually cause more damage - particularly if you're like me and you like to flatiron or curl with each style. i take care to wash and dry my hair every three days (sometimes i push in a fourth). i make good use of dry shampoo in between and try to get a good blow dry on my wash days so that the style will continue to last through the next few days. for me it works.

my makeup. i have polished my daily makeup routine to five minutes. who doesn't have five minutes? okay, there are days where i don't have five minutes or i just don't care to wear makeup. it happens. however i feel my best when i put my best face forward and usually that includes some mascara and little concealer. fine tune your makeup routine so that your essentials (whatever they may be) can be done swiftly and easily. i have all my products in one place and laid out for easy access. i carry extra mascara, lipstick, powder and liner in my car & purse so that if i find myself waiting in the car i can quickly put on a little color if i couldn't find time before leaving the house. 

my clothes. for some the challenge is coming up with ideas, for others the challenge is finding time to style and for most we tend to get in ruts where we wear the same thing repeatedly. one of my favorite wardrobe 'tricks' is to peruse Pinterest in my downtime (watching your evening shows, waiting for the carpool, etc.) and pin outfits to a board that i keep private. i select outfits that i like that contain items similar to ones i already own. i use this pinterest board as a personal 'look book' for those days when i have no outfit inspiration/desire/motivation. if i'm in a hurry i quickly reference that board to throw together an outfit that looks styled but took very little time to style. 

these are just some tips and suggestions - not laws. yes i have my days where i wear sweats only. i am guilty of leaving the house in day old makeup. hopefully these are just some ideas that will help you create shortcuts of your own to be your best self without sacrificing time. as a mom i know that time is a very valuable commodity and hopefully this will help you preserve some of that!


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