Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Countdown #1 Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

this post is about to get real personal real fast. i have dandruff. there, i said it. here's the deal, nobody is perfect. i don't sweat, seriously, even during my hardest workouts i do not sweat. i have a high metabolism. i am genetically built so that no matter the number of calories i consume my weight does not fluctuate more than 3-5 pounds. i consider myself extremely lucky to be born with those traits. but, i have dandruff and i will take that any day. i also have two yellow teeth that were damaged as baby and will never change back to white no matter how often i bleach my teeth, but the dandruff, there is something i can do about that. thank you Head & Shoulders.

in honor of my new shampoo and the my love for a flake free scalp, i have put together a tutorial showing you how to get the easiest, foolproof bohemian braided hair crown. seriously, you cannot mess this up.

so easy, right? i have been wearing this around town because let's face it, braids are in. but also because it is such an easy hairstyle to achieve that looks a lot more complicated than it is. the braided up-do is so perfect for summer and all of its humidity, you just can't go wrong.

and for all you Pinterest fans here is a friendly 'pin-able' image to save:


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