Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shoot For The Moon - Even If You Miss You'll Land Among The Stars

last night i spent five hours watching one the most amazing playoff games i have ever watched. THE Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon Ducks in a decisive victory. as i was sitting watching the game with my husband, my son and my two daughters i couldn't help but reminisce a little about our days in Ohio.

this blog began 4.5 years ago while my husband was in a Med/Peds Residency at The Ohio State University. he was gone so many hours of the week that regularly i could count on one hand the number of hours i had seen him in a day - including sleep! he worked so hard during that time to provide a future and life for our family and i will be forever grateful for that sacrifice. during that time i decided i needed to create something of my own that i could devote my own time to. something that would challenge me creatively and allow me to make and achieve goals i never thought possible. this is when Blushing Basics was formed.

it may seem silly but i still remember kneeling by my bed and praying for an answer. what should i do and how should i do it? blogging has brought me confidence in myself as a creator, a business person, a makeup artist and an influencer. i continue to find answers to that prayer and am grateful that while i may not be 'America's Top Blogger' - i can confidently say i have found success. 

the reason i am writing this is to share that we all have to begin somewhere. if there is a goal in your life that you want to achieve that may seem to far out of reach you will never achieve it unless you try. you'll have ups and downs, you'll embarrass yourself along the way (in my case, over & over again) but without putting yourself out there and taking a risk you will never earn your reward.

at a time in my life when i felt overwhelmed, overtired, isolated, far from home and often alone, my blog was something that kept me going. i couldn't have done it without the support of family, friends and so many cheerleaders along the way. let me be your cheerleader, let me support you. nothing brings me more satisfaction than being able to support and cheer on someone in their dreams. if there is a way i can help you i am happy to do it.

with that being said, i went back and pulled my very first post. i had no idea what i was doing, no business blogging, terrible grammar (i've already edited a few things below!) and so many more faults, but i started. that is what matters.


hello everyone. 

i did it.

i have finally created a blog and i thought this day would never come.  the goal of this blog is to share my knowledge of makeup and its application, keep you posted on the latest trends and include some random musings about me and my adorable fam.

i am a makeup junkie with a bad habit. i enjoy anything artistic and this is one of my favorite mediums. everyday i wake up with a fresh canvas and get to decide just how i want to express myself. makeup is an interpretation of your mood or style and there is no right or wrong way to do that. hopefully i can express that it is only to enhance your true beauty. makeup is supposed to be fun not a chore.

i will work to continually add updates on how to apply makeup, show you recent trends and give you updates on some of the things i have done.


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