Monday, February 23, 2015

Fashion Friday on Monday - Closet Versatility

this week's Fashion Friday is coming on a Monday because i have had spotty wifi for the last week and a half and i am about to pull my hair out from trying to get online! i had so much fun shooting this look for several reasons. first, shooting with Danielle (a.k.a. dtphotog) is always a good time. she is so creative and i love seeing her frame a shot and sharing her ideas. second, i love the idea of this week's shoot. the fact that i can wear the same base layers: jeans, top & jewelry but switch out the coat and shoes completely transforms the outfit. it goes to show that you have so much versatility and potential in your closet!

we all tend to get in outfit ruts and i am guilty of this myself. you have a pair of pants that you always wear with the same shirt and jacket. give that outfit a second look and see if it would pair well with a different pair of shoes or jacket and you might be surprised how much more mileage you can get out of the same clothes.

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