Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Makeup Tips Featuring .mark

this last Christmas season i received the holiday line of products from .markgirl. included in the line were several great multipurpose makeup products that i wanted to share with you!

first up is the lip stain. it works great as a lip gloss with all over color. it is long lasting, highly pigmented and feels great. a pro makeup tip for this product would be for a light wash of color apply a dab to the center of your lips and blend in. in a pinch you can use this as a great liquid blush. works well for a pop of color to your cheeks.

next up is the liquid eyeshadow. pretty much every makeup line from drugstore to department store carries a liquid eyeshadow option. some come in tubes, some come in pots and some come in brush-on form. this particular mark shadow comes in brush-on form. my favorite way to use this product is to apply it over the top of your shadow rather than as a base. this will give you a powerful shimmer highlight to really make your eyes shine.

the eyeshadow palette is full of color options and color combinations. the older i get the hesitant i become with strong eyeshadow colors, however i love a good pop of color on the lash line. instead of using the bright shadows all over your eyelid, concentrate the color on your lash lines and you'll get the boldness in color without the overwhelming shade.

this blush palette creates a gorgeous cheek color and the variety of shades is so versatile! use the lighter shimmery colors as a highlighter, the deeper colors as a contour and the pink colors for blush. use your finger and use an individual square as an eyeshadow color. the neutral tones work great as both blush and shadow.


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