Friday, March 13, 2015

Fashion Friday Everyday Style

i love these jeans. if i could buy them in every color i would. they are comfortable, easy to wear, don't lose shape and they are high wasted. yes, i said it, HIGH WASTED. i am a mom who doesn't need the back of my pants slipping down when i bend over or sit. that is an area that needs no exposure and high wasted jeans are my solution. i know it seems a bit antiquated but these 'mom jeans' are some of the best jeans i have found in a very long time.

the shoes and handbag are everyday essentials for me these days. i love the way they coordinate together and seem to complete every outfit. the handbag is on the pricier side but i can assure you i have gotten my money out of that bag ten times over. the shoes are a more affordable spring wardrobe item and i love that they go with everything.

i picked up the cardigan when Trev and i spent the weekend in Houston. i feel like an old maid when i enter the grounds of any Forever21 but there are those gems you find once inside that always makes the trip worth it. this cardigan was one of them. lightweight and comfort make it a great transition piece for spring.

last but not least is my Target tee. these closet staples should be in every woman's closet. this week they are only $5 a piece so i suggest picking up a couple. a fresh tee feels great and is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate an outfit. 

all outfit details are posted at the end of this post. cheers to Friday!


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