Monday, April 20, 2015

Fashion Friday on Monday

after a whirlwind weekend with our family i am so excited to post this casual wear outfit. one of my main reasons for being so excited about this outfit is that i finally have a chance to rave about this denim. these jeans are on repeat for days. they are comfortable, easy to wear and look great with everything. definitely a must buy for spring, summer, winter and fall!

the top is a basic tee from J.Crew. i love the softness of their basic tees and the variety of colors. they are usually always on point with their color selection and an easy grab and go for everyday. the necklace is a new favorite from Nordstrom. it is such a fun summer accessory. the color variation makes it extremely versatile and the style is pairs perfectly with summer trends.

of course the outfit is finished off with my favorite shoe/bag combo. works with everythang. check out he end of the post for links on where to shop these items.


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