Monday, May 18, 2015

My #BeautyStory

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'real beauty is shaped by real women.' this is the philosophy Dove has been sharing for the last several years. as a beauty blogger i am 100% behind this philosophy and love their drive to empower women to find beauty in themselves.
i recently attended a conference sponsored by Dove and it caused me to reflect a lot on my own #BeautyStory. with Mother's Day recently come and gone it made me even more acutely aware of how my #BeautyStory has been shaped by the women around me. 
i grew up in a family of 9 - yes 9. between seven siblings and my two parents life was always a little chaotic but a lot of fun. in that 9 there were four sisters and my mom. my mother is strong, smart, independent and beautiful which led to five strong, smart, independent and beautiful daughters. i am a firm believer in the idea that mothers shape and help form our personal idea of beauty and thankfully i was raised by a woman who consistently taught where real beauty can be found.
we live in a world where the media wants us to believe that beauty is one dimensional. it is the right hair, the right clothes and the right makeup. i believe that beauty is three dimensional. it is found all around us in our relationships with others, in our families, with our friends, even with strangers. real beauty can be found in small acts of kindness, large feats of strength, in our successes and in our failures. beauty can be found all around us.
my mother takes care of herself. she eats healthy, she exercises, she takes care of her body and her awareness of taking care of her body as a whole, rather than just the outer appearance has affected the way my sisters and i take care of ourselves.
i am so grateful to be a part of this sisterhood and this family. they uplift me, they support me, they strengthen me and they make me happy. that is true beauty, a beauty cultivated by love, kindness and charity.
Visit the Dove at Walmart site to see how one family has used Dove to shape their #BeautyStory for 4 generations and share your story.

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