Monday, June 15, 2015

Daniel Wellington Summer Style

this casual outfit is filled with all of my favorites. my favorite handbag, my favorite jewelry, my favorite denim, my favorite blouse my favorite shoes. oops, i forgot to mention my favorite flowers!

i wanted to make sure and get this post up before this great deal from Daniel Wellington expires. if you use the coupon code BLUSHINGBASICS at checkout you will get 15% off your purchase and for limited time you will also get a free NATO strap with purchase. that is a great savings for a great watch.

additionally, this cute lightweight scarf is currently on clearance. it makes a great scarf for summer. light enough to wear but heavy enough to keep you warm on cool summer nights. the sunglasses are still on price-match as well and are the lowest price i have seen them.

for information on where to buy the items pictured, check out the widget at the end of the post.


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