Monday, July 13, 2015

#ProjectHustle With vitaminwater

this post is sponsored by vitaminwater and #projecthustle however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #myhustle #ad

in March, vitaminwater created the crowd-funding inspired program to bring “hydrate the hustle” to life for their fans and help them chase their dreams. they invited aspiring entrepreneurs, artists-in-training, dreamers and film directors to develop an elevator pitch and submit it at, for the chance to become a finalist and secure funding to help bring their projects to life.

this summer, they’re opening it up to the public and asking them to help decide which of these 10 finalists deserve to have their projects funded (up to $50,000 each). by using codes on participating vitaminwater and vitaminwater zeroTM caps, people have the power to allocate virtual funds to one of the 10 finalists’ projects. plus there are great prizes to be won by using the codes – so there’s something in it for everyone. 

as a blogger i am self employed. i am in charge of my income, i am in charge of my content, i am in charge of my success. i have to hustle to make money. i have to hustle to secure funded content. i have to hustle to promote myself. while i don't have a film to create, music to produce or clothing to design i do have a network that i manage and maintain and i can definitely relate to hustle!

be sure to visit to vote for your favorite finalist in the running to help them secure funding for their dreams.


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