Friday, July 24, 2015

TRIA Hair Removal Laser Results

this post is sponsored by TRIA Hair Removal Laser however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

alright, ladies (and the occasional gent), my time with the TRIA Hair Removal Laser is coming to an end and i can honestly say that managing my body hair has never been easier. i know, that is a weird statement/claim to make however it is definitely the truth. not only did the TRIA Hair Removal Laser help to slow down my hair growth it also helped prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs and skin sensitivity that can result from waxing. it has made body hair care so simple. with just a quick treatment every week i am finding the results to last longer and longer.

my routine typically goes something like this. i shower and shave the areas i would like to treat (waxing prior to treatment is discouraged). i hop out of the shower and dry off and spend the next 5-10 treating the areas i would like to eliminate hair growth. i do this once/week and my results are definitely visible and i couldn't be happier with the outcome. i have gradually increased treatment strength each treatment and that has helped to make the hair removal more effective.

i had a friend private message me to ask if it really works and i can assure you my answer was YES! the amount of money i spend on waxing during the summer time can be invested in a TRIA Hair Removal Laser and in the long run i will be saving a lot of money. right now you can save 15% by using the promo code FAMILY.


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