Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tide Pods 4-in-1 Keeps Clothes Bright

this post is in collaboration with Socialstars and Tide however all opinions, style and thoughts are my own. #TideThat

let's talk practical for one minute. i am a style and beauty blogger and a large part of my income is invested in purchasing more style and beauty items. these items need to be able to photograph well, i need to keep them in good working order and i want people to see them in their best light. if you were a carpenter you would own a plethora of power tools to get the job done right, effectively and successfully. my power tools happen to be cleaning agents, like the new Tide Pods 4-in-1. my clothes need to be well taken care of without looking dingy or dull and the Tide Pods do just that and more!

the Tide Pods Plus Febreze make laundry easier. they have the combined benefits of detergent plus a stain remover plus a brightener and of course the fresh scent of Febreze. with my busy schedule i love that i can through one of these pods in the wash instead of measuring out each individual item tediously as i prepare my laundry. in return i can quickly tackle the task i don't savor (laundry) and get to the task i adore (style blogging!). 

my favorite washable fashion includes this white t-shirt. i have posted it for weeks on Instagram and it seems to be a favorite by viewers as well. every time i post this top it gets a lot of love which means repeat posts for this favorite white tee. however, in order to keep this white t-shirt looking fresh, crisp and bright i have my Tide Pods to do the job right.

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the photo above was pictured a month before taking the photo below. as you can see from the images the brightness of this white tee has not dimmed at all. the quality of this top has not been compromised from the large volume of washes it has seen since the first photo (i'm not kidding, i wear it at least once a week). it continues to be a bright staple in my style arsenal. thank you Tide Pods!


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