Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More PowHERful With Affinitas

a few weeks ago my family took a vacation and on that vacation i read the book 'Yes, Please' by Amy Poehler. reading that book was such a refreshing reminder that women are powerful. we experience emotion differently, we react to situations differently, our fears are different and our dreams are different however we are equal in our purposes and goals.

when Tman and i were first married i was at a point in life where i was still working on finishing school, had no real career and no exact direction. on the other hand he had already graduated medical school and set his career in motion. a career that takes many years to work towards and many hours of dedication. i was happy to support him in these dreams and goals however i couldn't help but feel a little unfilled with my own direction. i was a wife and i was a mother but i didn't have anything that was filling the void of accomplishment. it was about 6 years ago that a good friend of mine suggested i begin blogging about about hair and makeup, something i had been doing along with a photographer friend.

what started as a hobby quickly changed once i realized i how fulfilling it was to connect with readers, to build a platform with my own voice and create a space where i could dream, accomplish and succeed. each new subscriber, view, engagement or follow was a victory and still is. i am incredibly appreciative that i have the opportunity to write and create content that other people enjoy reading, watching and following.

i realized that working to strengthen my mind, body and soul helped me to find balance which led to increased happiness. the feeling of empowerment from accomplishing goals, earning my own income and learning new skills was incredible which is why i fully support the #morepowHERful campaign by Affinitas

Affinitas has created the #morepowHERful campaign to empower women and educate them on modern feminism through pop art imagery. Affinitas recognizes issues that women still face today such as derogatory name calling, sexual violence, and lack of freedom of lifestyle. they believe women deserve much better. they want to show women that they have a powerful voice, can make powerful choices, and are ultimately #morepowHERful.

right now, customers can visit a selected lingerie boutique to take the #morepowHERful pledge, which enters them in a $500 shopping spree hosted by Affinitas and Parfait's social media platforms. pictured below is my pledge on why i feel #morepowHERful. i believe that my goals have given me a confidence and have empowered me to accomplish things i never thought possible. from learning computer programming to attending Fashion Week as an accredited media outlet, these are all things i  have been able to accomplish and i look forward to more achievements.

i love being a wife and mother i enjoy finding myself and increasing my knowledge and abilities. i am really honored to be a part of this campaign and encourage you to look for ways you can empower yourself.

in the meantime i am pleased to offer you a lingerie set of your choice from the Affinitas Charlize collection. follow the rafflecopter instructions below to enter.

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