Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blogger Collab - How To Style Booties

today i have partnered with some of my favorite style bloggers to share how we each style booties - your winter shoe must-have. i love wearing booties but i tend to break all the rules when doing it. i have cold feet so i always wear them with socks (gasp!). i sometimes wear them with denim that doesn't hit right at the ankle (no way!) and i occasionally pair them with bootcut denim (seriously?!).

in all honesty i get a lot of questions on how to wear booties and to be quite frank - you wear them any way you want. i subscribe to the belief of fashion over comfort except when you don't want to. it is your prerogative on how you want to style your wardrobe and i am not here to tell you it is right or wrong, i'm here to tell you that if it makes you happy, you are doing it right.

i put together this layered outfit to highlight how to transition from winter to spring. dressing in layers is a must because it may be below freezing in the morning but by mid afternoon it is a balmy 65 degrees. layering up your wardrobe will help you ward off those freezing temps and cool off when the temps warm up.

this cute poncho wrap is from Piper Street. it is currently on sale for only $19.99 and makes the perfect layer for this time of year. i love Piper Street not only because it run by two of my favorite people, but also because they offer a great variety of items that work for many body types and many ages.

pair your booties with your cape and be a superhero mom for the day. in the meantime, if you want to see how my other blogger babes styled their booties be sure to check out their websites below:


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