Monday, March 7, 2016

The Secret To Great Skin With Honeywell Humidifiers

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winter is notorious for wreaking havoc on your skin. seriously, who doesn't battle with scale-y skin during the winter? if you are one of the rare few who make it through winter with dewy fresh skin then my sincerest kudos go to you. on the other hand, if you are in the majority of us who get rough, dry skin during the winter from the constant change of humid cold to the dry heat of indoors then i have the solution for you.

a humidifier.

simple, right? the real problem comes when you are looking for a humidifier that doesn't emit a strong mist that moistens only the things within the first two feet. a humidifier that doesn't rattle and hum as it runs. a humidifier that doesn't need a refill every twenty minutes. that is where Honeywell comes in. offers a wide variety of humidifiers to suit your needs and i was able to select a humidifier that doesn't make noise, emits an invisible mist and looks comfortably chic placed anywhere in my home.

meet the QuietCare Cool Moisture Humidifier by Honeywell:

the QuitCare® is up to 30% quieter than other evaporative humidifiers. the invisible moisture helps relieve dry air discomfort. the break resistant water tank has a wide opening that makes it easy to fill and clean plus it is dishwasher safe. there are three speed settings to help adjust moisture output and sound. it is nearly silent which makes it so easy to run without noise pollution. the wicking filter removes impurities from water reducing white dust and providing clean moisture output. 

if you suffer from dry skin during the winter i would definitely recommend you give this a try. my babies always have super sensitive skin and i like to keep a one of these humidifiers in their rooms during particularly bad spells to help keep their skin moist and soft.


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