Thursday, April 28, 2016

We're Expecting!

you may have seen it on Instagram this weekend but the cat is out of the bag. i am expecting and i couldn't be happier about it. if you have been curious as to why the blog has been slow to introduce new posts the last few months hopefully this answers some of your questions. being pregnant is one of the most incredible, miraculous things i have ever been a part of or witnessed. it is also one of the most difficult trials i have ever been through and i am doing it again for the fourth time.

i have been thinking a lot about my blog lately and what i want to do with it. i initially started out primarily blogging about beauty. i created hair and makeup tutorials to teach some of the basic skills i have learned over the years. my experience in skin care, along with makeup classes i have taken, skin care courses i have completed and experience with hairstyling made that a natural fit. after a few years i decided i wanted to expand into fashion and styling. i had always enjoyed those things and i felt like it was an organic integration into my blog, which it has been. now that i have been thinking about the direction of my blog even more i would like to start introducing more lifestyle posts, along with personal posts about my life. up until this point i have kept my personal life pretty separate from my blog and social media, however i feel like opening up about our day to day life, our struggles, our accomplishments, all of these things will not only be cathartic but a way to connect even further with you.

in an attempt to connect with you on a more personal level, i wanted to share with you our decision to have another child and what that means for us. i have always been hesitant to have children and Tman has always been on board to do whatever felt right for our family. each child we have had was the result of a lot of prayer, inspiration and thoughtful contemplation on what our family needs were and how we could best care for them. i honestly believed after three kids we were done. my third child, Olive, was quite a doozy. not only was the pregnancy extremely hard on my body, but we were moving, starting a new job, new schools and a whole new life. she ended up being born 5 weeks early and anyone who has had a preemie knows that caring for a baby that delicate is no easy task.

i am 34 years old and approaching a time in my life where having children will no longer be an option. we made arrangements for permanent birth control (i.e. vasectomy) but decided we really needed to pray about it and decide if our family was finished growing. of course the world threw so many 'encounters', experiences and emotions at me that i couldn't deny another child was not only missing from our family but that we needed to really try for another.

getting pregnant has always been a fairly easy task for me and for that i am extremely grateful. having watched close friends and dear family go through infertility has increased my awareness of what a great blessing fertility is.

my big issue is that i was diagnosed with PCS, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome which is defined below:
PCS makes being pregnant very painful. by the end of my last pregnancy i could hardly be on my feet for more than a few hours a day. this makes me so uneasy about what is to come with pregnancy but i am not the first woman to experience trials during pregnancy and i won't be the last. i just have to have faith that i am doing what i felt inspired to do and the rest will happen the way it is supposed to happen.

i am looking forward to sharing this journey with you. in the past i have stopped blogging for six - nine months during and after pregnancy to give myself some room to heal. this will be a new experience to continue blogging through pregnancy and i think it will be so helpful to share experiences with one another.

thank you for supporting me as a friend, a family member and a blogger. your support of me is what drives me to continue creating, styling and blogging. i would love to hear any advice to or tips your are interested in sharing. if you have experienced complications during pregnancy how did you make it through?


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