Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Feeling Your Best During Pregnancy With Affinitas

this post is sponsored by Affinitas however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

i am so thrilled to be a member of the Affinitas blogging group that gets to share the message of empowerment and self appreciation for women. Affinitas recognizes that women have powerful voices and can make powerful choices ultimately becoming #morepowHERful.

during pregnancy it can be hard to watch yourself gain weight, even when you know there's a exceptional miracle happening inside of your womb. this can be a challenge trying to embrace your body's new shape and to think of every pound you put on as a sign of good health for you and your baby rather than increased anxiety over that growing number on the scale. during pregnancy i do my best to eat right by minimizing junk food and maximizing nutrient dense foods. i allow myself a daily splurge (candy, cookie, treat, whatever is striking my craving chords) and try to make sure i am also giving my body its necessary needs of daily vegetable, fruit, protein and vitamin intakes. i'll quickly throw together a green smoothie in the morning to 'cram' lots of veggie and fruit into my daily calorie count and make sure to include leafy greens and veggies into my lunch and dinner. by doing these things along with regular exercise i can feel confident that the numbers on the scale are reflecting the needs of the baby.

every woman is different and we all gain and lost at our own pace. even my sisters and i all have different metabolisms that process faster and slower than others. while we are still from the same family our body needs are different - the same goes for pregnancy. allow yourself to show some love for your changing shape and for yourself by purchasing a garment or accessory that makes you feel beautiful at your new size. underwear that is comfortable and fits correctly is a must for your changing body shape and Affinitas has just the right products to fit the bill. the Allison collection is a line of nude underwear that fits comfortable and works well under clothing. 

i am a sucker for a good handbag or accessory and pictured below are some of my personal favorites that help me look and feel my best. i put on this very body conscious dress and proudly displayed my bump and changing body. it was fun to show off my new little belly and i love how empowering it felt not to be embarrassed by it but rather embrace it.

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Affinitas and Parfait recognizes issues that women still face today such as derogatory name calling, sexual violence, and lack of freedom of lifestyle. We believe women deserve much better. We will show women that they have a powerful voice, can make powerful choices, and are ultimately #morepowHERful.

First, we will show women that they have a voice.
Next, they will make their own choices.
Then, women will truly be powHERful

Voice. Choice.

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