Friday, May 27, 2016

Healthy Choices With Brita

This blog post was sponsored by Brita but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. #FuelWithBrita

this spring i am partnering with Brita® to share how i have been making improvements on my life and health particularly since i am expecting #BabyBoyB this fall. one of the big changes i have implemented is drinking less soda and juice and more water. there is something about pregnancy that makes you feel incredibly thirsty all the time and the one solution that is best for that is water, making this partnership with Brita a match made in heaven.

Brita helps to make more than one thing better. not only do Brita filters provide better tasting water, they provide water that is better for you. Brita reduces the taste and odor of chlorine and other contaminants to deliver great tasting water while removing impurities that can cause illness over time. drinking water helps improve your overall health and helps to boost your immune system, helps you consume less sugar, helps when trying to lose weight and it helps you sleep better. i like to make sure i have one last full glass before going to bed or else i wake up so parched. it is especially important for infants, children and breastfeeding moms. (for our family that would be check, check & check!)

other benefits include the positive impact it has on the environment. drinking filtered water means less plastic bottles that end up in our landfills and oceans. one Brita filter is equal to 300 plastic water bottles. not only are you reducing water bottles you are saving money!

so have i convinced you yet on the beauty of the Brita?! seriously, it has the best tasting water and this preggo mama is loving the crisp taste of it.

because the school year is nearly over i am having a bit of a hard time knowing these are my last few days with my youngest at home. next year she will be starting all-day school and i am relishing the moments we have alone that will probably not happen ever again. she truly is my shadow, my mini-me and my little lovey. we have so much fun together every day. she is such a good girl, so helpful, obedient, kind and gives the best snuggles. can you tell i am feeling so sad over this because i am seriously shedding tears at the thought. when #BabyBoyB arrives she will no longer be my technical baby but i have a feeling we will always treat her like our baby. maybe it was because she was a preemie, maybe it is because she looks the most like me (lol), maybe it is because she is so tiny. whatever the reasons this sweet girl holds such a special place in my heart.

to celebrate some of our last days together i put together this al fresco lunch for myself and this little cutie. i made a quick trip to Safeway where i picked up some fresh foods and refills for our Brita filter. once home, she helped me prepare the fruit bowls while i put together the sandwich platter.  i made 'special drinks' and by special i mean a drink that has garnish and we enjoyed our favorite Brita water.

the weather started turning a little chilly as we ate and i looked at her smiling face and asked if she would rather go back inside. her reply 'No, I want to stay here a little longer.' talk about a heart melting moment.

Brita has generously offered to give away one Brita pitcher to a Blushing Basics readers. to enter, visit me on Twitter. Respond to my Brita tweet and you will be automatically entered to win.


No Purchase Necessary. Ends June 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. Subject to complete Official Rules

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