Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Perfect Light-Weight Summer Jacket

my intentions for posting in the last week have been foiled by a nasty stomach bug that has hit our household. between myself and sick kiddos we have had our hands full. during that time i have been living in sweats and dreaming of the day where i had enough rest, time and motivation to get myself dressed. if i could possibly get dressed into this cute ensemble i think i would feel even better!

jackets are a girl's best friend and this jacket is no exception. it is a score i found at and it is a steal for under $50. it is great quality, lightweight and perfect for summertime. i love the combination of blue and white and its trapeze fit helps hide my awkward pregnant stage where people look at you and wonder if you are pregnant or fat. thankfully friends and family know the truth however strangers can be fooled with this flowy fit.

i have posted this on Instagram but my Like To Know It links have been a little on the fritz with their new update last week. because of that i am dedicating an entire post to this beloved jacket and at the bottom of the post are links to each of the items i am wearing if you are interested in checking them out.


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