Thursday, June 16, 2016

NYX Wonder Pencil - Makeup Must Have

listen up ladies, i've said it before and i'll say it again, this Wonder Pencil by NYX is life changing. though i may sound a bit dramatic i'm one hundred percent serious. as in, you will never view makeup the same again.

what is so awesome about a flesh-toned pencil? beyond the fact that these things are crazy hard to come by (ironic considering they are a makeup artists best weapon, then again that may explain the secrecy) they cover a multitude of problems.

first, the simple act of concealment. they cover with precision. have a tiny dot, a mole, a small pimple, a bit of a sun spot, the smallest of hickies curling iron burns or a slight imperfection? this smart concealer pencil named Wonder Pencil will take care of it.

second, tired eyes? anyone over the age of sixteen can answer yes to that question. whether it is studying for finals, staying out too late, chasing after small kids or worrying about your older ones this pencil is a gem. simply run it along the rim of your waterline and the redness is gone in an instant and eyes appear brighter and more awake. avoid lining your eyes with your white eyeliner because that will enhance the redness of your eyeball and only create a harshness to your makeup rather than a refreshed lightness.

third, outlining. the makeup artists trick to making lips look fuller, brows looking groomed and eyes larger. outlining your lips with a nude pencil will enhance the shape of your lips to make them look fuller and poutier. i would opt for this step any day over too-dark lip liner to create a fullness to your lips. this natural looking step makes ALL the difference. same goes for your eyebrows. outlining your eyebrows with a nude pencil makes them look fuller, better groomed and brightens the eyes. good brows make for a good face - this nude pencil will take you there.

if i haven't convinced you yet have i also mentioned that it is $4.50 and is now sold in Target? NYX has never been easier to find and purchase so be sure to pick one up on your next visit.


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