Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bump Update Week 23 With Motherhood Maternity

it is week 23 in my pregnancy and i am embracing this growing bump to the fullest! i had my 20 week appointment a few weeks ago and my 20 week ultrasound showed all signs were great with baby's growing body. i love being able to see all those little limbs and organs developing and growing strong.

physically week 23 is a mostly a breeze. i am enjoying all the benefits of summer to the fullest, swimming, boating and enjoying time with the kiddos. i have a feeling that once August rolls around these activities won't be as easy to participate in.

one of my major irritants during pregnancy is insomnia. i have the worst sleep issues during pregnancy. i am already a light sleeper prior to being pregnant but once i am pregnant every little bump and turn from the baby will wake me up. having to go to the bathroom frequently will wake me up. indigestion will wake me up. then, once awake i lay in bed counting the hours until i can eventually fall back asleep. i have started trying to do relaxation techniques to help me fall back asleep along with things that naturally help me relax like reading a book. these things help a bit but if you have any recommendations for insomnia i would love to hear. 

i am finally taking advantage of my new maternity clothes. i have reached that tipping point in pregnancy where regular clothes are no longer fitting and it is maternity clothes that are getting me through the days. i absolutely love this top from Motherhood Maternity. they have a great selection of maternity clothes and they offer them at a price point that is is affordable, rather than unattainable. i was able to pick up a selection of items from Motherhood Maternity to try during pregnancy and i am so grateful to have added these cute options to my wardrobe. if you are pregnant you can check out their website at www.destinationmaternity.com to see what they have to offer.

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