Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back2Blonde Instant Fix For Blonde Hair

this post is sponsored by Acorn & Everpro however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #LiveLife2TheBlondest 

you know how the saying goes: 'Blondes have more fun'. as a former blonde now bottle blonde i couldn't agree more. i enjoy having blonde hair because it works best for my complexion, helps my fair skin not seem so dull and brightens my eyes. i have been my natural hair color and while it looked nice the blonde just feels more 'me'. the only problem with blonde hair is the maintenance. i am regularly getting my roots touched up every four weeks to avoid too much grow-out but sometimes that is just not possible. instead of stressing over not making it in to the hair dresser's chair invest in Back2Blonde to help you get through those periods of non-coloring.

when i was introduced to the Back2Blonde product i was definitely skeptical. could disguising dark roots really be this easy? would it look natural? after giving the product a try i am definitely convinced YES & YES! the Back2Blonde spray comes in three different shades and will instantly turn dark roots back to blonde with its concealing powers. the spray has a reflective quality about it which makes it look so natural indoors and out leaving your hair with a gorgeous shine that. it easily washes out with a shampoo and can be sprayed on in a matter of seconds. 

i am a huge fan of simple solutions and this might just be the easiest and most cost effective way to extend the life of your blonde highlights. i have been converted!

usually at four weeks in to a hair color i avoid pulling my hair up because my roots are so dark and obvious. i prefer to wear my hair down to help conceal the roots a bit more. with Back2Blonde i quickly sprayed my roots and they were concealed in seconds letting me extend the life of my color another week or two.

get a $4.00 coupon for Back2Blonde from ibotta here and visit Back2Blonde.com for more information on the product.

you can pick up Back2Blonde at most major drugstores like CVS, Walgreens or RiteAid. so if you are a blondie like me you will definitely want to have this in your hair arsenal for the easiest solution to dark roots.


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