Tuesday, September 6, 2016

31 Week Pregnancy Update and Maternity Style With Eshakti.com

i recently received this cute eShakti dress in the mail and i wanted to share some quick info about it. i have a love hate relationship with this company. i absolutely love the idea of custom ordering clothing particularly because i am so picky about sleeve and hem length. however i have had some terrible run-ins with their customer service canceling orders, not honoring gift codes, etc. i have taken several years off from ordering from them because of this and i decided to give them another try with this order. all went well with ordering and i love the dress and the style offered. i was able to enter my height for hem length allowing this maxi to come in the absolute perfect length which NEVER happens for me. i like the away the top fits with a flattering cut without being too revealing. i would recommend ordering from them however i was also recommend being cautious with your expectations of their customer service.

it is the home stretch of pregnancy and i have reached my 31 week mark. only 9 more weeks until the finish line however if i am induced a week early at 39 weeks then that only leaves me with 8 weeks to go. it really hit me the other morning when i realized that we were in the month of September which only meant two months left. crazy to consider it is that close. additionally, my deliveries get a little earlier than their due date with each child which could mean that delivery could come even sooner than anticipated. yikes!

this was a planned pregnancy for our family however after our last baby we were sure we were done having children and subsequently gave away ALL of our baby gear. i have had this entire pregnancy to to prepare and restock on the essentials however now that the due date is approaching i am stressing that there are still so many things we need to purchase in order to be prepared! (insert wide eyed emoji here) there are so many amazing baby items and product that have been introduced since i first started having babies ten years ago and even in the last five years there have been some great products. if there are any baby essentials you can recommend PLEASE sound off in the comments below!

this last week was a rough one in regards to pregnancy. with my youngest starting Kindergarten i was left even more emotionally stressed than i thought i would be about it. i love my little baby girl and i think i am having a hard time letting go of the idea that she is no longer my baby and that she is no longer a baby. dealing with those emotions put me at max capacity and everything else that came along with last week just seemed like a lot to handle. i failed my glucose test which meant i had to go back and do a three hour glucose exam which always leaves you feeling rough physically and mentally afterwards. thankfully i passed my three hour exam and don't have the stress and scare of dealing with pregnancy diabetes which can be dangerous for baby and mama. i have been experiencing a lot of cramping and pain which concerns me that preterm labor may be starting however there is a part o me that keeps saying lets get this party started!

it is bittersweet having this pregnancy wind to a close and i am truly trying to enjoy every moment because there are something i will never have the chance to experience again and that are priceless. feeling this little baby grow and develop is such a miracle. he gets hiccups after every meal, he loves to wiggle non stop from about 8pm until 12am (pretty much as soon as i sit still he moves). he makes my physical life more difficult but overall he makes my life more beautiful. i love this baby so much already.

please, please, please if you have any recommendations for how to make it through these last few weeks more comfortably and how to best prepare for this sweet arrival i would love to hear it.


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