Monday, September 12, 2016

Perfect Snacking With ZonePerfect

"I have been compensated by ZonePerfect for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.”

if you are a frequent reader of this blog you are well aware that one: i am pregnant. two: i blog about beauty and style. three: i like to feature home and lifestyle posts. four: a very high priority for me right now is food. yes, at 8 months pregnant one of my main concerns every day is what i am eating. pregnancy leaves me with a hunger like no other and being a mom and working part time limits my time to prepare meals or snacks that will help satisfy that hunger.

typically my day consists of getting my kids out the door and ready for school and then i take what time i have before errands or appointments to quickly get ready or finish up some blog posts. my instinct is to grab the easiest thing to eat and typically the easiest thing to eat is the worst for you! these ZonePerfect nutrition bars are the perfect substitute. they not only taste delicious but they are packed with protein to help me fill fuller, longer. which as a pregnant mama doesn't happen easily these days! my pregnant body is saying snack, snack, snack and my mind is saying no, no, no, eat smarter, not more!

my husband is definitely the healthy one between the two of us and he has been recommending i give snacks like this a try for months and i am so glad i did. they are perfect to have around the house, on the go, and i have even packed them for my trip to Arizona. traveling is prime time for terrible snacking and having these ZonePerfect bars on hand is going to be a life saver. i have packed extra so that i can share them as well. no more hangry mamas.

i will say they can be a bit tricky to find. i picked mine up at Walmart however they were not in the grocery section but in the nutrition section nearest the pharmacy. just a heads up if you are headed out to purchase some for yourself.

speaking of packing - my favorite packing tip is to pack along color coordinated items so that you can mix and match for the entire trip. this helps you pack more efficiently and get the most bang for your buck with what you are packing. i like to have versatility and options and these gives me all of the above. added in are my ZonePerfect bars so that i can restock my handbag on the go.

what are some of your favorite packing tips or snacking options? please share with this snackaholic!


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