Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pregnancy Comfort With Bellifly Pillows

there are a few items that are carrying me through the discomfort of third trimester and today i'm going to share one of my favorites: the Bellifly Maternity + Feeding Pillow. this smartly designed pillow is the answer to so many maternity needs. in my previous pregnancies i basically slept with a fort of pillows surrounding my body and now that i have my Bellifly it is all i need. add to that fact that it is more compact than most maternity pillows and much less cumbersome i am a fan. the pillow consists of two round pads connected by a stretchy band in the middle and ties on either end to connect it together.

the Bellifly Maternity + Feeding pillow is designed for so many uses. the first is for sleeping comfortably. it can be placed between your knees for relief of pelvic and hip strain. use both pads folded or use one pad between your knees and the other under your belly for support. second it is a great resource when lounging. in the evenings i like to finish up my blogging 'chores' and work on my computer while watching television. i wrap the Bellifly around me so that the two round pads are on either side of my belly and the stretch goes across my back. this provides lumbar support as well as abdominal support making sitting much more comfortable (because when you are this pregnant EVERY position is uncomfortable!) last you can use the Bellifly pillow when nursing once the baby arrives. its flexible design makes it easy to use (similar to a Boppy) to provide support and balance when nursing.

in my nursery reveal i showed a few images of myself using the Bellifly and this couldn't be more accurate. because it is fairly compact i will carry it around the house with me to use for comfort in any position. it is such a relief and these days i can use all the relief i can get! be sure to visit the Bellify website to check out how to order your own Bellifly pillow or pick one up for a pregnant friend - they make great gifts!


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