Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Best Little Black Swimsuit Ever

this Albion Fit swimsuit might just be my favorite swimsuit style, ever. i am always on the hunt for stylish one piece suits that don't expose too much 'cheek' or cleavage or sideboob. i promise you, as a mother of three who don't want to see my private parts exposed the struggle is real. when Albion released this Cross Cross Suit, an off the shoulder suit, i was anxious to give it a try. it covered all necessary areas while still allowing me to feel stylish and cute. a serious win/win.

i recently posted about this suit on my Instagram. i have been doing a lot of self reflection about my blog and social media and where i want to go with it all. after this post below i was so motivated and amped to keep going. your support means the world to me and i love having friends and family behind what i am doing. 

'You can do hard things.' I told myself this as I grinned in a swimsuit in 40 degree weather. It was worth it to get a great shot of a cute one piece suit from @albionfit. Finding modest swimsuits isn't easy and the motivation behind what I do here on Instagram and my blog is to show you don't have to compromise your beliefs to look stylish in a world that tells you otherwise. Forgive me for this long winded post but I have been thinking a lot lately about my blog, Instagram and social media channels. When I began this journey I could have never dreamed of the opportunities that would come from it. I have had the chance to work with some of my favorite designers, the most amazing makeup brands, regularly attend Fashion Week (as press!) create infomercials, commercials, news segments and more. But once again social media is changing and while I don't say it enough, your support means so much to me. Listen, I get it. You scroll through your feed and see outfit post after outfit post from me. I have been unfollowed by family, friends, acquaintances - I'm not mad about it, I understand. But for those of you who get that this is my business, who support me as a friend, a sister, a cousin, a niece, an aunt, as someone who is trying to build something from nothing I wish I could hug each and every one of you and say thank you. For those of you who see that I am pursuing something I enjoy and am working to create a space where I don't have to compromise my beliefs - thank you. For taking the time to double tap this photo because I promise, I see you. I scroll through my notifications and spotting a family member or friends profile name puts a smile on my face. So here I am, a mom to three very busy kids, a wife to a husband who works hard at his job, works hard for his church and works even harder for his family and I am a woman trying to build something I can be proud of. Thank you a million times over. PS if you are interested in this cute @albionfit swimsuit you can score it for 15% off with the code: blushingbasics All other outfit details here: #liketkit #ltkswim #ltkunder100 📷 @dtphotog
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for more information on this timeless little black swimsuit be sure to visit if you are interested in ordering you can get a 15% discount by using the code: BLUSHINGBASICS at checkout. all other outfit details are linked below.


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