Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Afternoon Snack With Wholey Cheese!

This post is sponsored by Wholey Cheese! through its partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about Wholey Cheese!, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is mid afternoon and I needed a snack for that moment when hunger hits but it is between lunch and dinner so I don’t want to overdo it before mealtime. I love these Wholey Cheese Smoked Gouda crackers because they pack in flavor and crunch to help curb my emotional eating today. Why am I emotionally eating? Because I just sent my kids off to school this morning and it about gutted me. My oldest is starting Middle School and I wanted to hold his hand and walk him to class and give him a big kiss on the cheek. Instead he turned to me and waved as he jumped out of the car. I then returned home to get my two daughters off to Elementary School and as I was brushing their hair I couldn’t help but smile at the conversation together about how they were so excited for the first day of school and how they couldn’t wait to see old friends and teachers. As I brushed their hair I thought about how mature they seemed as they chatted about classmates and I was a little sad to think how numbered these days really are, where they sit and allow me to brush their hair and listen in on their conversations. 

Being a mom is such an incredible joy, one of the most difficult jobs and certainly the most rewarding thing in my life. I read a quote on Instagram from a friend recently that said:

‘Mothers decide to stay home not just because they are tired of juggling family and career; not just because they want to be there for the first word or the first step; not just because they have found that a rich home life requires persistent personal investment. 

They want to be home because in some quiet moment caring for their children, they have suddenly experienced the vastness, the intricacies, the delicate nature of this work. While performing some entirely routine act of nurturing they have unexpectedly stumbled on a moment of insight SO LUMINOUS as to reveal with imposing clarity that the greatest opportunity for success they might ever have is nestled right there in their arms.

And in the midst of a thousand precious assumptions about life and love, in an instant that no one else can measure or see, they decided that this uncertain business of trying to guide childish innocence into adult wisdom is an art worthy of extraordinary exertion of time.’ –L. Beck

Which leaves me sitting here, in my kitchen, catching up on overdue work and enjoying a quiet moment with my Wholey Cheese Smoked Gouda snack (that is crispy and light, puffy and airy and completely delicious). I’m planning out my fall editorial calendar and listening to my little one babble beside me and while this moment is enjoyable because it is quiet and I can work effectively, I am completely looking forward to the chaos that arrives when my children walk through the door this afternoon.

Until then I am going to enjoy the sophisticated flavor of these Wholey Cheese Smoked Gouda snacks. I’ll enjoy this gluten free, cracker that is baked with no preservatives and feel like I am doing something better for me. 



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