Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sam's Club Hair Collection Game Changer

This post is sponsored by Mirum however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #SamsClubHairCollection

Let's be real - four kids and the beginning of the school year has me spinning. I remember a friend once describing that having three kids is like drowning, and then someone adds you another kid. I remember laughing at the sentiment and now I totally get it. Our days are consumed with activities and errands from morning until night. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it for anything. There is absolutely nothing I love more than being able to take care of my family. However, I am constantly on the hunt for how to make my life easier and simpler for myself and my family. One of the ways I do that is buy shopping in bulk at stores like Sam's Club. I like that you can get everything you need, all in one place. Additionally, they offer premium Unilever hair care club-sized packs that will keep us looking our best without spending a fortune. And have you heard about the new Scan and Go App and Club Pickup? Total game changers. Seriously.

I cannot stress to you how much I LOVE the convenience that Sam's Club is offering to shoppers. Simply download the app and no more waiting in line! Wait, what?! No more lines? That is like saying French Fries don't have calories. It is just too good to be true. Let me assure you, this Scan and Go App seriously offers LINE FREE shopping! Once you download the app you scan the barcodes as you shop. Once you are done shopping you checkout online quickly and easily with your card (that you can keep on file) and you show your screen as the receipt once you exit. Easy, right?

I told you. Game Changer.

Now that there are no more lines, let's talk about hair care for a family of six. That sounds crazy because I never thought I would be the person talking about hair care for a family of six and yet here I am. The older my kids get the more they want to use the 'good' products - meaning anything that mom and dad use. They somehow instinctually know that whatever we choose for ourselves is the better item (but let's be honest, it usually is!). That's why Nexxus at Sam's Club is a life saver. I absolutely adore the way my hair feels thanks to the Nexxus products. Being able to buy them in bulk saves me the worry of the kids using too much. We can all affordably use the Nexxus products thanks to the premium club-sized packs that Sam's offers. You can also never worry about running out of hair care products again thanks to the Sam's Club subscription program. you can get Unilever haircare products on a regular basis delivered to your door. Head to Sam's and pick out the items you want to schedule for delivery. Select your frequency of product delivery and sit back and relax. Items will be shipped to you directly. No more running out of product, which as a family of six we have been known to do a time or two.

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Nexxus hair products feel so good for your hair. The Nexxus Therappe Shampoo replenishes hair fiber for Ultimate Moisture. The salon crafted caviar and protein complex helps hair retain that moisture for up to 24 hours. The silicone free formula helps restore hair flexibility and retain natural movement. The Nexxus Humectress Conditioner is seriously the bomb. I love using it in my daughters' hair when it is tangled and unruly. This deeply moisturizing conditioner adds moisture and smooths hair. This salon quality condition helps restore hair's lost nutrients.

So good.

Easy shopping, good hair - what more could you ask for?


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