Monday, June 21, 2010

Feeling Your Age?

about 30 minutes ago i uploaded my video to YouTube and within minutes received a response from a user (who is 18 years old) saying who would want to wear makeup to the pool?!? while yes, she is right, the idea seems a bit asinine but let me explain.

when you're a teenager, you have no idea how beautiful you are.  most of us go through high school terribly insecure about our looks and it isn't until ten years later, we look back and realize WOW! we were gorgeous.  next you approach thirty and your skin is developing a few lines, your eyes crinkle when you smile, and those dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep just never seem to go away.  however, at this age hopefully you realize, YES i am beautiful. 

my use of makeup is not because of insecurity, it's relishing in the fact that i get to create something everyday.  that i get to experiment, that not EVERY day has to to be the SAME.  it takes a bit of the redundancy out of life, as well is gives me that extra oomph in my step.  i firmly believe, when you look good, you feel good.  and when you feel good, you live life with fullness.

my point is, don't feel obligated to wear makeup.  you ARE beautiful.  wear it because you like it and enjoy it.  wear it because it makes you feel a little more special that day.  hopefully when i am older, i will be embracing my aging body, and enjoying every second of it.  even if that means putting on a bit of concealer :)



  1. I am glad you are admitting the source of insecurity for the rest of us! Yes, there are tons of people out there who are ready to whip off the cover up, take off the sunglasses and bare it all at the pool. But then there are the rest of us who hide behind the saving grace of oversized shades and try to walk slowly so as not to make our legs jiggle too much. Yay for feeling a little less insecure in a baring it all situation!

  2. Debbie said it so perfectly!

    I have to thank you (again ;) but this time it's something a little different. Because of your blog, you've inspired me to create a new blog dedicated to doing what I love. I LOVE to bake, and feel it's one of my few talents ;) I can't wait to share my knowledge, as well as learn from others who visit.

    Thank you so much Kristie!

  3. Okay, so I promise I'll stop commenting compulsively...right after this ;)

    A friend and I were talking this morning about different eye shapes. Almond shaped eyes, narrow eyes, wide eyes...ect. I think it would be so fun to see you apply makeup on some "models" with varying eye shapes. Also to see what colors work best with different skin tones.

    Okay, my crazy string of comments is now done ;)

  4. And THIS is precisely why I love you.:) Thank you a million times over. I'm obsessed with your tutorials and for understanding my NEED for make-up, YES, even at the pool.

    It's so true...what I wouldn't give for my 10 year ago skin, and I had no appreciation for it. This has given me new determination to embrace the flaws of today; because let's face it, it will only get worse.:) HA HA.

    Let's just say, infomercial shoots have had a way with destroying some confidence.:) I'm loving blushing basics! So glad you created it!

  5. Fun blog! i saw you the other day at the hilliard park, but i didn't officially meet you. anyway, i'm rachel howard, and i just moved here. i just posted your blog on mine, so hopefully you'll get more hits. hopefully i'll meet you again sometime!

  6. love ALL your comments. thanks for validating me :) isn't that why we have friends?!

    tharker, i will be posting soon on different eye shapes as well as skin tones so stay tuned.

    Rach H, let's do get together sometime, i'd love to get to know you.