Monday, June 21, 2010

Make a Splash! Pool Makeup Tutorial

products used for this video:

face: SUNSCREEN!!!
        CoverGirl Foundation #2
eyes: MAC paint tube "bare canvas"
        Rimmel waterproof mascara "black"

cheeks: MAC blush "mocha"

lips: lipgloss with SPF 15 (i think it was Clinique)


  1. you're so cute kris!! i definitely look drab at the bay! ha ha! (did you do this tutorial to give me a hint?!) What color of MAC paint do you use??

  2. jamie, you're making me laugh. i just got through telling trever last night how beautiful i thought YOU were. you have the BEST cheekbones.
    the MAC paint i use everyday is Bare Canvas, however i am saving up to buy Burlesque, which is a great color for summer and is perfect if that is all you want to wear.

  3. you're too nice! thanks so much :) i think i have the structural brown paint....that one of the mac-ladies recommended once. anywho, i might have to look into the bare canvas or burlesque...

    ps...totally off this blog topic, but trev did an awesome job yesterday speaking to the YW. He's great!