Friday, January 6, 2012

Hairy Matters {Beauty Blog Backtrack}

[as part of my new posting schedule, Fridays will be dedicated to reposting guest posts i have written for other bloggers, as well as past posts i have written for this blog that i still find useful.]

when i wrote that post title i realized the double entendre.  yes i am talking about matters of the hair but also, being hairy does matter, for better or worse.  this week i am going to be posting about different aspects of facial hair that we ALL deal with (and believe me when i say that the woman you envy on TV with the smooth flawless skin and not a hair to be seen has invested some serious time in plucking, shaving, waxing, depilatories or all of the above). 
personally, i have tried all of the above and i definitely have some favorites.  i own a professional waxer (gifted by my MIL prior to my wedding), i tweeze every few days, i have bottles jamming up the cupboard space under my sink, and every razor in the house has felt the wrath of kristie.  my friend Katy wrote a HILARIOUS post here about the KAI razor.

i was also recently loaned a facial hair remover my neighbor bought off of QVC.  maybe you have seen them?

these cute little numbers seemed kind enough, until i gently bent the handles to create a U, rolled the handles back and forth between thumb and forefinger, and OUCH! yes, i caught a single hair in that tiny spring and it ripped it out by the root.  perhaps i am more of a "band aid" type.  i like my hair removed in on single swift motion.

something i found insanely funny about this product was the CAUTION issued on the instruction sheet.  "Do not use on eyebrows, eyelashes, inside nose, ears, on nipples, warts, moles or near bikini areas."  if you need to be told to avoid those areas, maybe your problems are much more serious than facial hair???
stay posted. it's sure to be an interesting week.



  1. I agree about the caution on that product. Yikes.

    I have so many people that come in and don't even think about facial hair. Believe me you NEED to worry about it :)

  2. Oh great, now I have to let Megan wax my eyebrows (and upper lip...) again! ;)

    Every time I see warning labels like this, I think that it has to be because some not has tried it, and hurt themselves in the process. Thus, the warning label :)

  3. I love the post and also the video of you doing your makeup. I laughed out loud at the warning label, but some people need extra love and instruction, like the lady who lives behind me:)

  4. Love the warning labels. My DH and I joke that the reason it was put there was because somebody, some where has used this particular thing with some really bad results, LOL!

  5. I am using this one and seriously cant believe using it on any area other than upper lips.Gosh! I would certainly like other hair removed much faster and just get over with them quickly

  6. I have one!!! its awesome but hurts :( And thank you for the Award!!!

  7. Ouch that sounds painful!!
    Love your blog and I'm now following.. check it out if you can :) xx