Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue Belles

according to, blue eye shadow was once considered a bigger faux pas than a muffin top.  maybe we od'd on it during the 60's and 80's...but as with every trend the color is coming back. blue eye shadow is flattering on nearly everyone, including every skin tone, eye color, hair shade. blue on the eyes has a rather magical ability to brighten bloodshot eyes, perk up sallow-looking skin, and neutralize undereye circles.  it's like having your own plastic surgeon in a tube.

if you are beginning to experiment with eye color, an easy place to start is with eyeliner. swipe a bright blue on your lid and watch as it works wonder.  if you are feeling even braver, try my blue eye shadow tutorial:

check it out here!

to get some inspiration i found a few ladies who do blue just right.

Kate Bosworth likes the swipe.

Christian Dior 2010 Fashion Show
Derek Lam 2010 Fashion Show
just remember that makeup is here for fun, to express yourself and your style.  just enjoy it, and remember you are beautiful. be confident in that knowledge and you can pull off anything.