Thursday, July 29, 2010

Makeup Tips for Photos

yesterday Kellie and i did a senior portrait photo shoot and afterwards we wanted to do some quick head shots for a promo we are working on.  before we took the photos, Kellie snapped a few of me so that i could get a glimpse of what my makeup looked like.

i was shocked.

that beautiful dSLR of hers captured EVERY imperfection, line, wrinkle, and smear on my face.  i quickly went back into the bathroom to touch up a little bit more.  now, this was done 8 hours after i had originally applied my makeup and i would have had better results had my makeup been fresh (that's the benefit of having a makeup "artist" on set ) (yes a little shameless self promotion).  though i touched up my makeup, there were still imperfections i missed and thanks to Kellie's editing skills, you can hardly tell.

so let this be a quick lesson.  if taking pictures of yourself, snap a few to see what you actually look like through the lens.  your perception of yourself in the mirror and through a lens are very different.  second, it pays to have an experienced photographer.  they know how to capture your beauty, even if there are a few blemishes.