Thursday, July 29, 2010

Makeup Tips for Photos

yesterday Kellie and i did a senior portrait photo shoot and afterwards we wanted to do some quick head shots for a promo we are working on.  before we took the photos, Kellie snapped a few of me so that i could get a glimpse of what my makeup looked like.

i was shocked.

that beautiful dSLR of hers captured EVERY imperfection, line, wrinkle, and smear on my face.  i quickly went back into the bathroom to touch up a little bit more.  now, this was done 8 hours after i had originally applied my makeup and i would have had better results had my makeup been fresh (that's the benefit of having a makeup "artist" on set ) (yes a little shameless self promotion).  though i touched up my makeup, there were still imperfections i missed and thanks to Kellie's editing skills, you can hardly tell.

so let this be a quick lesson.  if taking pictures of yourself, snap a few to see what you actually look like through the lens.  your perception of yourself in the mirror and through a lens are very different.  second, it pays to have an experienced photographer.  they know how to capture your beauty, even if there are a few blemishes.



  1. Kristie, you are so funny. . . what are you talking about, "EVERY imperfection, line, wrinkle, and smear on my face". You are gorgeous!!! I saw no imperfections in person or on the camera ;)

  2. haha. why do you think i was so shocked?! just kidding. ;)

  3. That comment about yourself just made me feel bad about myself!! Did Trevor roll his eyes on that? By the way, I used to have blue eye liner when I was in college!!

  4. maybe i missed the mark in making my point. :) the point is, looking at yourself through the lense of an SLR is like looking at yourself in a magnifying mirror, sometimes it ain't pretty...
    after an 8 hour day of taking pics outside in the humid ohio weather, believe me, there were smudges and smears.
    btw, do you have any pics of yourself wearing the eye liner?? maybe we can post them :)