Thursday, August 26, 2010

Help Please?

hello everyone,

i have decided to use today's post to ask for your help.  blogging has been so much fun for me and i am loving it!  my feedback from friends and family has been so positive and i really REALLY appreciate your support.  in an effort to improve my blog i have spent the last week brainstorming ideas and thoughts on how to focus it a bit more, as well as how to increase readership.

my questions to you are:

am i posting information that you want?

are there areas you think i could improve on?

do you have any suggestions for looks that you would like me give a tutorial on?

do you have any ideas for how i could increase my viewer population?

don't feel like you have to answer everything, but if you wouldn't mind voicing some opinions, i would love it.

i feel like i am really starting to get the hang of all of this but i want to make sure that my blog stays focused on the needs of the readers and i know that you all are my best resources for help and guidance.

thank you again for making this such a positive experience for me.  i love doing this and i hope to turn it into something that can continue to grow.



  1. Maybe when you post pictures from your shoots you could talk about what kind of makeup you used on that person and why.

  2. here is an idea to get more traffic for when you do giveaways....which should bring more traffic to the site.

    There is a great blog in columbus where you can post

    "Giveaways – If you've got a giveaway on your blog that you'd like to share with other Deal Seeking Mom readers, please use the Mr. Linky on my Giveaway Gathering. You'll find a new list every Sunday!"

    I just really need help on the basics of all makeup and well really fashion tips too.

  3. Maybe you could have some hyperlinks in your post that go back to a certain technique. Like, for instance, if you are doing a blog on eyeshadow could link back to your basic fundamentals. Like using primer, or where to apply on your arches. Little, quick techniques for everyday things. And maybe a gallery of different techniques - so you don't have to scroll down to look for one. You can have a section with labels so a person can click on what they want (either use a main/finished photo or use a name of the technique - i.e. smokey eyes). I follow a girly-hair blog and a cooking blog that just added the "library" and it has made it so much easier to navigate.

  4. if you visit The Secret is in the Sauce (google the url), and participate in the giveaways, you will for sure get more followers and readership. i did that back when i was involved with etsy and my boutique blog. it was a lot of busy work and upkeep, but once you get the hang of it, you'll start networking all over the place!

  5. I think you should go all Carmandy (What Not To Wear make up you didn't know that ;) and do a vlog with you as the artist, showing us different techniques. Maybe you can do it with one of your upcoming photo shoots. Just shoot the video while you're pretty-ing up your client.

  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for your tips. i really appreciate all the help and i am definitely getting to work. changes should be appearing in the near future... :)

  7. I would love more information on skin care products you use. Also more information on fun things to do with hair. Thanks. I love checking to see what's new on your blog.