Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Believer

this post is dedicated to my darling girlfriend Angie.  Angie has been one of the greatest supporters of my blog and i adore her for it.  however, Angie was an unbeliever.  we were speaking one day and talking about curling our hair and Angie insisted HER HAIR DID NOT CURL.  there were many reasons for this, too thick, too straight, too long....

and then i posted my How To Curl Your Hair tutorial.

here is Angie on a regular day:

here is Angie after trying my tutorial:

and here is Angie at the end of the day:

still curled! i can't tell you how much i loved seeing these photos in my inbox.  (a special thank you to her daughter camille for being such a great photographer)  if there were any unbelievers out there, Angie was one.  and now i am happy to say she has jumped on board and can curl her hair with ease! woot woot!

if you guys have any before and after pictures PLEASE send them.  i love seeing the results and hearing your opinions.


thanks again Angie!


  1. I even did it again another day!! It CAN be done!
    Keep up the great work Kristie. I love it!

  2. I believe! I BELIEVE!!!

    ps - Angie - you're really photogenic. Did you know that?

  3. Wow, so cute! My hair has gotten curlier with every pregnancy but I don't know how to make it look cute like that...I'll have to practice now. Angie is a babe!

  4. Ang - you look like such a hottie! I am so happy it worked for you, I know you tried a ton of things to curl it!